Who are we ?

Since its establishment in 2015, the Laurier Undergraduate Journal of the Arts aims to celebrate and recognize the hard work of all Canadian Undergraduate Arts students. Carried both in print and online format, the journal demonstrates the best talent our student body has to offer.

Submitting work for review and potential publication allows for students to partake in improving their writing skills through the review processes, but also add to their professional portfolios. We aim to support both our students as well as Arts community by demonstrating our high standards of academic skill.

Our Board

The Laurier Undergraduate Journal of the Arts team consists of two vital teams; the Management Board and the Editorial Board.


Hiring for the Management Board of 2019/20120, Volume 7, is now open.

The Management Board of 2018/19, LUJA Volume 6, includes:



Madeline McInnis



Perri Termine & Emily Waitson



Sara Burgess


Events Director:

Mckenna Barr


Creative Director:

Kirstin Corbett


Web Director:

Emma Soden


Communications Director:

Natasha Zelinski



Avianna Del Piero

Our Reach

Our work is available both in print and online format. Physical copies of our journal can be found in the Laurier and Tri University Group of Libraries archives, fitted with its own unique ISSN. Our journal is available on this site, in addition to being featured on Scholars Commons which makes our readership audience world-wide.


Access LUJA through Scholars Commons here.


featured work

LUJA showcases pieces from diverse departments throughout the Faculty of Arts.

Our journals present work from various disciplines, focusing on engaging and informative articles. In previous issues of LUJA, these have included broad topics such as drive-in movies, farming in Waterloo, interfaith dialogue in Nigeria, Modern warfare, and the relationship between infertility and masculinity. At LUJA, we are proud to feature the best papers from all across the Faculty of Arts.